English Debate Academy IN calling for next year

Hi everyone, The English Debate Academy Instituto Nacional has opened the selection process for 9th graders, 10th graders and 11th graders for next year. This is a very rigorous process in which students have to discuss a controversial topic and defend their point. Even though the students are not selected by the win-lose criterion, you have to perform a good speech about the topic, and that is the reason to be chosen. You have to know beforehand, that the academy requires a lot of time for planning, practicing and going to different tournaments. People who belong to another school (even… Continue reading

10th grade Content Poll

Hi everyone! Here we are now asking about your opinion on the content for next year in the 11th. The following google form is for students who are currently taking 10th grade (to propose for their 11th grade). You have to suggest the topics you would like to go over next year so that we plan the English resources to be taught. Here goes example: Name and surname: Gerard Villaseca Rut: 99.999.999-9 Grade: 10th B (Segundo Medio) Topic: Immigration Pollution Natural Disasters Please help us in this new project the English Department has taken to improve the educational needs of our school.… Continue reading

Spelling Bee competition!!!

Hi everybody! Here we are with this competition again. Participate next Thursday October 25th in the second Spelling Bee competition which is going to take place in our school. The best students will go to the Interescolar Spelling Bee competition, so enroll now and have fun with English. Click on the links below if you belong to 8th or 7th Grade and you are participating next Wednesday 31st October. The words which are going to be asked in the spelling challenge are: 8th Students: From unit 1 in your textbooks to unit 4 in ”Word List’ (at the back of… Continue reading

EDAIN have ruled last tournaments

After presenting at Liceo de Aplicación, the English debate Academy have been awarded by this institution on Third place. The day after this one, the group of over 12 students were victorious over 1 point against Nido de Águila at the ESU Torunament. This Saturday, your classmates are competing at Santiago College against Everest School and Colegio Cumbres. Wish them the best!   Continue reading


We have great news for everyone!!! Here we leave you the results of the PET test which took place last Monday. Tomorrow, Thursday, August 23, interviews are going to be given to the students who reached 39/40 points as you can see in the downloadable excel sheet. The selected students got the highest marks (40/40). The interviews start tomorrow, Friday 24th, at 14:00 and finish at 15:30 PET RESULTS We would like to thank you for everyone’s participation in this process that, for sure, will be carried out as soon as we can. Have a nice day! Continue reading

Selection process for PET

Hi, everyone! Here we are again opening a new opportunity for you to certificate your English internationally. The Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) is a type of exam which certifies your level of English at an international level. You may apply to different universities or jobs using this certification. What to do? Sign in the following link and come next Monday to sit the selection process to take the PET (if you do not register here, you may be out of the selection process). https://goo.gl/forms/1TIJj7oQbV2tHkzZ2 Continue reading

PIAP online course

Dear students, There is been a lot of information about participating on different contest these days, but this time, we are here to encourage you to sign up this incredible opportunity PIAP (Programa Inglés Abre Puertas) provides us. This is an online course in which at the very end of each level you get an official certification by the Ministry of Education and PIAP. Ask your teacher about this and they will lead you to sign in. http://www.piapcursosonline.cl/#!/Login See you there! Continue reading