PIAP online course

Dear students, There is been a lot of information about participating on different contest these days, but this time, we are here to encourage you to sign up this incredible opportunity PIAP (Programa Inglés Abre Puertas) provides us. This is an online course in which at the very end of each level you get an official certification by the Ministry of Education and PIAP. Ask your teacher about this and they will lead you to sign in. http://www.piapcursosonline.cl/#!/Login See you there! Continue reading

New Contest by BRITCHAM

EDU talks are Great! This is the new contest which the BRITCHAM encourages students and teacher for schools, institutes, and even universities. Have a look at the site and contact us at allinenglish.iei@gmail.com whether you want to participate in this new adventure! http://www.britcham.cl/eventos-detalle/168/edu-talks-2018 Continue reading

English Writing Competition ESU

Hi again! Attention everybody! There has been opened a new competition for writing. You have to contact your teacher and send your story to the following e-mail address: allinenglishiei@gmail.com Your piece of writing is going to be analysed and you will be told if you have been selected for the next process. This is open until July 27th Regards! Continue reading

Short Story contest UNAB

Do you consider yourself a writer? Well, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your talent in the ‘Interscoholastic Short Story Contest’. This is organised by UNAB and you must send your story at allinenglish.iei@gmail.com including the following information: Family Names Given Names Class and Level ID number E-mail Mobile phone number Gender Have a nice week   Continue reading

EDAIN signing sheet

EDAIN opens interviews for students of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades for next English Debate Academy. Interviews will be next Tuesday: 9th Graders at 12:30 10th, 11th and 12th graders at 15:45 Please, answer the signing sheet to confirm your attendance. https://goo.gl/forms/YEMJdOWVIYkpY6Qg2   Continue reading

English Camps

Guys, Here goes an invitation by PIAP. It will probably be the most amazing adventure you could ever have. https://ingles.mineduc.cl/2017/11/10/programa-ingles-abre-puertas-abre-postulaciones-los-english-summer-camps-2018/ Continue reading