Hi! Just writing to let you know there is a small, little, tiny, minuscule correction in the answers of the reinforcement worksheet 1. Please, go check the ANSWERS RW1 document. See you! Your teachers

NEW MATERIAL! (April 1st)

Hey! We hope you’re having a safe time. Remember to #StayHome. We posted new material for every level (except 12th grade elective courses) so you can keep on working from home. Remember that any question you might have is valuable. Don’t forget to use our forums to communicate with your teachers! Before writing a question…

(7° Básico) How to: Post a question to a forum page

¡Hola, bienvenido! ¿Sabes lo que es un foro? Un foro es como un post en un muro de Facebook donde cualquiera puede ver lo que escribiste y, en este caso, los profesores responden dudas. En caso de que no sepas cómo hacerlo, este post podría ayudarte. Primero, ve a «Forum» arriba de esta página. Haz…

How to: post a question to a forum page

Hi everyone! Welcome! Have you heard of a thing called «forum»? Well. Since you are generation Z, we forgive you if you haven’t. A forum is like a post on a Facebook wall where people can see what you posted and, in this case, the designated teacher answers whatever you asked. Anyways, this post will…

Time to study!

Dear all: Find a message from your teachers and keep on studying with the materials your teachers have prepared for all of you! Just go to the top banner and find your grade. You will find further instructions in the corresponding webpage. See you!