Open day English Debate Academy Instituto Nacional

Hi! Here is your Teacher Ruben Gaete Mella, and I am contacting you all to come and see what we do in the English Debate Academy at IN. The idea is to motivate you participate in this academy whoch aims at developing your critical thinking skills and, of course, participate in diferent tournaments representing your school. This will happen on Thursday 18th at 14:10 PM. We are meeting in room 40 in sector 1, next to the English department. See you around! Continue reading

13° Interscholastic Short Story Contest

Here we are again with some other competitions for you all! This time it is the turn of the interscholastic Short Story Contest which is organised by UNAB. Contact us at or any of the teachers at the school. Contact us before the end of April! Hope to see you participating in this competition! Here we leave the link for you to have a look at the rules! Bye! Continue reading