English Extra Curricular Course at IN

By Miss Jeannette Briceño

The material for International – style exam preparation aims at the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which the Council of Europe created to validate a learner’s language ability and to standardize that validation process. It is widely used internationally, all important exams are related to the CEFR and Chilean universities in their different areas tend to ask from B1 levels when dealing with English or when applying to international scholarships.

There are six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. A brief description is given in the following table (The CEFR uses “Can do” statements):

CEFR LevelGeneral Description:
C2 MasteryThe person has the skills to deal with academic material or cognitively demanding use of language at a level of performance which is advanced, similar to a native speaker in similar situations.
Example: CAN scan texts for relevant information, and grasp main topic of text, reading almost as quickly as a native speaker.
C1 Effective Operational ProficiencyThe ability to communicate with the emphasis on how well it is done, in terms effectiveness and appropriacy, and the capacity to deal with unfamiliar topics.
Example: CAN deal with hostile questioning confidently.
B2 VantageThe ability to achieve most goals and express oneself on a range of topics also understand the main ideas of a complex texts.
Example: CAN show visitors around and give a detailed description of a place
B1 ThresholdThe ability to express oneself in familiar situations and to deal in a general way with information.
Example: CAN ask to open an account at a bank, provided that the procedure is straightforward.
A2 WaystageA limited ability to deal with simple, information and to express oneself in familiar contexts.
Example: CAN take part in a routine conversation on simple predictable topics.

A1 BreakthroughA basic ability to communicate and exchange information in a simple way.
Example: CAN ask simple questions about a menu and understand simple answers.

The International Exam Preparation as Extra Curricular Course at IN this term has been designed to offer students an opportunity to practice examination tasks in the level of B1 and B2 (although the end of the term a C1 material will be provided). The style and format of international examinations dealt are the Cambridge English Language Assessment Preliminary English Test; PET, and the equivalent in level English Testing Service (ETS) of the United States with its Test of English as a Foreign Language;TOEFL, based on the units students have had at school using authorized OUP for such purposes. Therefore, students are tested on language which is taught at IN. If students are preparing for the real Preliminary English Test (PET), or TOEFL, this course will also provide a useful tool.

The B1 and B2 level includes four practice examinations each. In turn, each practice examination comprises three papers. The charts below illustrate the different tests and papers examples:

Level b1 or level B2

Test of English as a Foreign language (TOEFL)
International Exam Preparation Practice Test 1International Exam Preparation Practice test 2
Paper 1: Listening ComprehensionPaper 1: Listening Comprehension
Paper 2: Reading ComprehensionPaper 2: Reading Comprehension
Paper 3: Language Form and MeaningPaper 3: Language Form and Meaning
Preliminary English Test (PET)
International Exam Preparation Practice test 1International Exam Preparation Practice test 2
Paper 1:  SpeakingPaper 1: Speaking
Paper 2:  ListeningPaper 2: Listening
Paper 3: Reading and WritingPaper 3: Reading and Writing


   First Certificate in English (FCE Cambridge)  
Reading and Use of English